NCIS Secret Santa Letter

Dear Santa,

Lots of people in this challenge have said they’ve been very good all year and deserve a wonderful story…but I’m pretty sure I’m on the naughty list. Does that get me a naughty story? If you’ve read my stuff, you know that I like naughty stories ;). Now, obviously, if you’re a more wholesome Santa, I would also love a fluffy story with minimal naughtiness, I’m just letting you know I do enjoy the less wholesome things as well.

On to my “wish list.”

As much as I enjoy case fics, Usually I prefer the cases to simply provide a background for the story. Hurt/comfort caused by work injury, some sort of bonding over a physical or emotional part of a case, etc etc. There can also be only minimal reference to cases, I’m fine with a story based completely “after hours” lol. But since, for these characters, work is their life most of the time, I think it’s fairly expected that cases would be involved in some way.

I like to see off-site fics. Characters out of their comfort zone. Maybe Tim visiting Tony while he’s agent afloat (I feel like that might have been done before, but it’s still a good one). Maybe poor, pale Jimmy with Tony in a harsh environment like Arizona or New Mexico (a little gratuitous topless Jimmy, with comments of surprise at his buff-ness?). Maybe Tony undercover as a Marine recruit while Gibbs chuckles in his earpiece as he’s scrubbing toilets for mouthing off, lol.

Obviously I’m a slash kind of girl, but mention of het stuff, or previous het stuff is fine (ie: a McNozzo fic where there is discussion of Tim’s previous relationship with Abby, or a focus on McGee/Jimmy or Tony/McGee or Tony/Jimmy with a secondary het couple like Gibbs/Borin or Tony/Zoe). Femslash is good too…a little Abby/Kate action, if done well, is pretty hot. Abigail Borin also fits here too…she’d fit the bill! Gen fics are OK, and I would also love one of those, but I tend to seek out fanfiction for the “behind the scenes” theories/stories that don’t make it on air…so, basically, relationship stuff!

Character/pairing-wise, I am normally a Tibbs girl, and would love that. However, I am leaning more towards a request for something different. I love Tony, so McNozzo or Tony/Jimmy is an interesting pairing. Maybe where Tony starts as the one calling the shots (whether in terms of just starting the relationship, or in a D/s way), but as they get to know each other, the other person comes into their own and gets a bit more confidence in some way (because I don’t see Tony as totally Toppy). McGee/Jimmy is one I have never seen, though, and could be really good…I’m interested to see what could be done with that. I’m OK with mixing characters and timelines. Like having Kate and Vance in the same story, even though they didn’t overlap in canon. I’m not a fan of Jenny as director, and don’t tend to write Ziva much, but she does definitely have a place. I don’t like Tiva, but if you wanted to bring Tali into it, I can understand a one-night stand. Heartbreak, angst, fluff, smut, vanilla, kink, it’s all good. I’m not usually into totally bashing characters, but I understand everyone has flaws and that affects the people around them.

I’m also up for an AU…a different way someone joined the team, or maybe they’re not on the team at all? A crossover fic of some sort? My favorites are Criminal Minds and Law & Order SVU, but I could be convinced of other crossovers.

I’m SO not picky, as long as something is done well, I’m generally pretty good with it. Which is really not very helpful, but if a few of these thoughts spark a prompt, I’ll call it a win! And if last year is any judge, I’m sure my 2017 Santa is frickin’ amazing.


Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I'm new to this whole fanfic stuff, (since July) and this is my first post on live journal since 2000, so here goes! I'm very easygoing, and my list of likes/dislikes may seem long, but it's just to give an idea. If you skip most of them, that's cool too, I've liked almost all the fics I've read so far!

--Slash Tony pairings (McGee or Gibbs primarily, but Palmer or OMC welcome). Tony centric, happy ending for Tony.
--Slash Gibbs (preferably in character somewhat, so I'm not a HUGE fan of Gibbs-as-a-secret-sub-to-mcgee fics, and typically only picture him with Tony, but I'm open to other pairings). Gibbs centric is ok too.
--Gibbs realizing he's a bastard (whether on his own, through trauma or emergency, or being dressed down) and actually talking.
--Abby and/or McGee stepping up and being there for Tony. I don't mind a little character bashing here, but i'd prefer if they could redeem themselves.
--almost any kink you can think of, short of consensual incest, statutory rape, animals (like, actual animals--quasi-animal fics like A/B/O stuff is different), and scat/urine play.
--explicit is great, but I like plot.
--the longer the better! I don't mind spending a few days reading!
--whump away. I'm not squeamish about nearly anything, as long as you don't kill Tony.
--any season/characters. Mixing timelines is fine too (ie: Vance as director, Kate on the team)

--Most of the common non-slash pairings. Tiva especially. Discussions of past Tiva is ok, same with past Gibbs/Mann, etc. But Kate/Gibbs, Abby/McGee, current Tiva? Nah.
--vampire/zombie stuff. I suppose I could get into it, but I prefer things based in slight variations of the real world, not super out there AUs.
--redeeming everyone. Sometimes it's ok for Ziva, OR Jenny, OR Jeanne, OR Eli, OR Senior to redeem themselves, but jeez, they can't all be good people just misunderstood. Maybe I'm jaded lol.

Overall, I'm super easy. If you want to write something i usually dislike, go for it! As long as there's some kind of a happy ending for at least Tony, I'm happy!

Thanks Santa! I can't wait to wipe something for you too!